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Automotive mechanics and sports nutrition have an unexpected connection: Just as mechanics ensure that cars function optimally, athletes need proper nutrition for optimal performance of their bodies. Both aspects require attention to detail, energy, and consideration of the necessary resources to maximize performance in their field.

Satisfaction by providing safe, dependable and reliable services for a better future.

We deliver customer satisfaction by providing safe, dependable and reliable constructions, trade and general services. We believe that by maintaining constant communications between our drivers, dispatchers, management and our customers we can all know where the projects is, when it will be done/delivered and how it was the quality and receiving.

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Services Provided by BrotherGroup Corporation:

We Provide our clients with high-end services

Services&Maintenance: B.G. main field in general services and maintenance

This field include generators, AC units, electric
and plumping, black water removes, vehicles, clean and clear, debris remove and heavy equipment. Brother Group has offer for rental the items above either. B.G. has 4 teams from general services, each team include more than 10 persons who foremen and labors.

Quality Team Members

Dedicated Individuals

B.G. providing engineers, foremen, supervisors,
labors, workers for any constructions and contract within Iraq
and Afghanistan: we are using our professionals and experience
persons and men to support Iraqi economic and providing
chances in businesses to build and develop new Iraq.

Brother Group has been the one of the Largest Global General Services Company for more than 16 years, making it one of the most trusted corporations in the world!




         B.G.C Over The World

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